Advanced Sub-table Feature!


I would be able to make use of the following Advanced Sub-table Feature!

An Alternate Key Filed Link & Load<<

Have a look at my instance for utilizing such a feature!

I have a Property sheet with a subtable of Property Owners

I would also like for this subtabe to appear on another related sheet; the Property Unit sheet! Now there may be multiple Property Units associated with a single Property, so I will not be able to select the Property Unit as the linked field on the Property Owners sheet as there may be more than one.

<Proposed solution would be to facilitate the changing of, or the able selection of an additional or alternate Key field when using the Subtable embedding feature (show references from existing sheets).

That way, I would now be able to select the Property Key field “in some new advanced subtable feature setting” :slight_smile: when embedding the Owner subtable (already found in the Property sheet), now embedding into the Property Unit sheet as well. And in this case; it will show all the records that correspond to the Property and not to the Property Unit…

I hope you get my drift here!


Hi Kane,

Thank you for your feedback, but due to the complexity of your question, I suggest contacting Ragic’s customer support through the “Need Help?” option in the top right corner of the Ragic database. Please provide them with complete screenshots or screen recordings to help them better understand your design situation and provide you with the best possible solution.
Thank you.