'Admin' user can't delete records...?

I’m the SysAdmin for our database, and I can delete records. Andrew is a user who is in the EHS group, the members of which have Admin rights for certain sheets. So I would expect that Andrew would be able to do anything I can do for EHS sheets. However, Andrew has tried to delete a test record he created in an EHS sheet, and while it looks like he is able to, the record doesn’t actually get deleted.

How can we set this up to work how we’d expect it to?


Please note that access to the “Delete Record” feature is managed through Feature Access Settings. It is not controlled by the Access Rights of the sheet.

Ah. That explains it, but doesn’t solve the problem, exactly. Is there a way to give an admin of a group the limited ability to delete records in sheets created by/for that group, and nowhere else?


Yes, you may refer to the article below: