Admin area and browser cache issues

Hi Yah Support,
I’m finding a lot of problems with browser cache, for example, I deleted a product from one of the sheet tables, went back in and the product was still there. I also did a mass deletion and yet again after the delete and the page refreshed I could still see the items.

Another example I upgraded the trial account to the 30 days freebie from the link at the top of the admin section, completed the form supplied on the next page and it’s still there reminding me. I logged out then back in and the link is still there.

Tried it on both the latest versions of Edge & Chrome, Could this be down to the slow server problems I’m having or indeed a cache issue?

Hi Charlie,

Would you please let us know if you still encounter this issue? If yes, would you please submit a ticket through “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database > “Support Ticket” for us to check?


I get it intermittently using Edge and a lot with Chrome…I have added the full time user to the system, so I’ll see if they have the same problem and if so escalate it. :slight_smile: