Adjust Map Size

Hi guys,

Is it possible to customize the map size when we see a record on the Listing view?
Now the map is quite big and the row height becomes very thick as well.

Thank you.


You can tune the size of map field as marked below:

Hi Angie,

I am using a formula to sow the map in a different cell.
I write the address in one cell and the map shows in the bellow cell.
I saw this formula in a tutorial from the Ragic You Tube channel.

This is how my Listing Page looks like with the map.
The row is too high.

Thank you.


Since we don’t provide the resizing option in the free text field type, I would suggest creating a new address field and check “Display address as map”, applying A4 formula, and tuning the width and height as marked above.
Note: once A4 formula added, remember to trigger the formulas recalculation in order to apply it to existing entries.

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It worked fine.