Adding new users

If I want to design a sheet that multiple users can enter data into simultaneously, can I add a few LITE users at $5 per month each, or would they all need to be Pro users at $19 per month each?


The license fee of Ragic database is calculated by the monthly price of database account plan * user amount. The plan is for the database account instead of for individual user accounts.

If your database must use our professional plan (such as needing more than 5 customized sheets), then the price would be $19 multiplied by the amount of users. You can go to pricing and scroll down the page for more details about the price of using Ragic.

A user to Ragic means the one can access to database, no matter to design or build up the system, or to add and edit data, or to view data.

Users can be managed into different user groups, and be granted to different access rights.

An account is a Ragic database account created for an organization, it can contain many users, which are actually user e-mail and password combinations that a person can log in with. The users within your organization would be internal users.

And the other people who are not in your organization, like clients, vendors, partners, freelancers, etc, but would like to access your Ragic account, can be external users, which are under limited privilege, but it’s free and without amount limit.

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