Adding Filter Folders

Can you add the ability to create filter folders? We have a long list of filters, some of which are not used often, so it would be great to put them in a folder so that we can collapse them and make the list more efficient to navigate.

Thank you for your consideration!

Hi Alaina,

Thank you for your suggestion! I will forward them to our developers for future release considerations. One way we might do it is to make some of them only appear when you click “more” on the filters list, like the labels on GMail.

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This would be great! Would you have the ability to choose how many go in there? (So that they don’t have to add clicking more to their routine if their usual filter happens to be at the cutoff)
I also was thinking like the folders in GMail that open up to subfolders. Perhaps the main filter would include them all, and then the sub filters would be the individual ones.


I am wondering about this one again. To make the workflow of our accountant more efficient, I would like to make filter folders. I have a filter for each credit card that could have been used (we have almost 10), but would like to have filters to help her find specific charges that have not been entered into Ragic by mistake. So I may have 10 filters for each card we have, which would become overwhelming pretty quickly.

This would also be useful for many other sheets we have as our filter lists grow.

Thank you!

Great idea and while we on the subject it often takes time looking for field in the long list with bigger sheets to find the field you want to filter on.

Adding a search field above the list to filter the field list will be a hige help.

As you type it limits the list to anything containing the value you type.

Type “Cu” and it only shows
Current Manager
… etc

Just a thought


Would it work if you rearranged them alphabetically or by most used?

Great idea, yes that would help.