Adding a condition to an Action Button


I would like to lock a record when it has not yet been submitted (converted to another record), and if the deadline date has passed. I intend to include a new True/False field that would indicate if these two criteria have been met.

In other words, when I add the lock record action button, how can make it be so that it automatically executes once the this new condition field says TRUE?

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Hi Kane,

It will require some custom script to be achieved. Please note that usually “automation process” requires custom scripting.

Thanks for the speedy response Amy! Excuse for not knowing, but how can I go about getting this custom script? Pls note that I am currently working on a new Ragic implementation for a new Ragic customer. And I am doing so as a Ragic Partner.

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You will need to write your own custom script, if you are not a developer, you will need to look for someone to write the script for you.
You can post in Work Offered to look for other partner who is familiar with scripting and Ragic: