Add Subtable Entry with Pop Up

We are looking for an “add subtable entry” button that will trigger a pop up instead of taking you to a new page. The subtable will only have a few fields to add and we want the process we are adding to be as simple as possible for our clients. There will be some fields that we’d like to auto populate like the date for example, and some fields for our team to edit later when they’ve seen the new entry (check box or drop down.)

Thank you for your time!


Please kindly share an example of your use case as we’re not quite sure what you mean. :slight_smile:

We will have a subtable for clients to add to the inventory we are managing. Normally, the add entry to subtable button takes you to a new page, and when you save it you are still on that page. We would rather have a pop up feature for them to enter the inventory amount so they stay on their profile page.
Similar to the mass update button on the list view (picture below.)

So it would say
How much would you like to authorize?
[Blank Box]
Any notes to mention?
[Blank Box]
I’d like it to populate the date somehow

So a way to choose which fields they’ll be able to use and a description / instructions


I’ve tested here and the system will switch back to the parent entry once I save the subtable entry. Would you mind to share the version of your operating system and browser so that we could test under your working environment?

I apologize, I was thinking of the conversion process. You are correct. I will see if this will work for what they want, thank you!