Add price to customers selection of unit in quote form

Customers can choose from several styles of units and then several sizes of units. I’d like to have the base price of their choice in the quote form. How would I go about this and/or is there already a form like this? We realize that somehow we need to tediously enter the prices for each combination. Any easy way to do that?

I appreciate any input/help on this!



You can first install our “Sale Order Management” template and try it to see whether it fits your needs or not, and you can modify the design of every template to fit your business workflow as well.

And if you want to build your sheets from scratch, you may follow the steps below:

  1. If you would like to build this kind of sheet structure. You may first create a sheet to enter your product information.

  2. Creating the other sheet as order form which might need to include subtable to manage more than one products in an order form.

  3. Setting up link and load to load prebuilt product information in order form.

Thank you!