Add New (items) for Multiple Select!

Hi Ragic,

I’ve not posted here for some time, trust all is well! :slight_smile:

I have a feature request:

At the moment I cannot add “new items” to the list found in Multiple Select fields using Add New like that found at the bottom of the lists in the “single list” Selection fields…

I can however view the form in Design Mode to add to said list, but this option is not applicable for all users…

So please consider such feature!

I will certainly be one who would use such feature, and I’m also sure that it would also be a welcomed, favored, and popular addition!

At this time people have to request adding any new items to the list, so a little inconvenient but the way that works is considered considerably satisfactory anyway! And even suitable in some cases! So not an absolutely necessary feature I guess!

And as you can see I therefore personally don’t have to have this feature by any means…

And I also, don’t need it any time soon for someone else… as it has not been requested by a customer either…

Best regards as always!


Hi, it’s great to see you here again!

Uhm, allowing user to add new options is supported.

If you didn’t see the option and interface, would you mind sharing a screenshot of your page which didn’t include these or sending a support ticket via “Need Help”?

And provide the sheet URL, issue field name so that we could take a closer look.

Sorry Hank, I’ve made an error here, I was meant to have written here about adding “Add New” to the “Cascade Selection” feature, and not to “Multiple Select”!

Thanks for your response thus far, and sorry about that!