Add external user via sign up form?

Is it possible to grab the information a person enters on another sheet and setup an external user account with it? For example, I have a form that creates a full name based on first and last entered, and the user enters their email address. I don’t want them to have to enter the information twice and I want the flow to be smooth. Thank you.

I don’t think I’ve tried this before, but it sounds like you can use a convert record action button to create a new external user record on the external user sheet.

Or you can also modify the external user application form design so that it has all the fields you need and use the create external user button that’s already there.

How do I get the external user form into my database? I can’t reference it in a convert record button. Thank you!

Jeff, this is urgent, I played around with the access rights yesterday and managed to limit myself to view only or something like that. I really need your help! I am scheduled to demo this again today at 8 a.m. CST. Thank you in advance!

Demo rescheduled, still need help getting in, PLEASE, if you happen to be working this weekend!!


Hi Gina,

I think you somehow deleted your user account from the database. I’ve added you back and you should be getting your normal access rights back.