Add ability to "Log in/view as user"

Hello, apologies if this is a duplicate request, I couldn’t find it.

We’d like to have the ability to “log in as user” and see what exactly Ragic looks like from a selected user’s point of view (exactly which records are visible).

We’ll be adding our customers to the system and our staff will assign a large number of records to the customers for their approval over the course of each order. Being able to log in as them and see exactly what they see would help us support them when they email us to say they can’t find some record or can’t see where a record is etc.

Currently a SYSADMIN would have to go through multiple screens in order to get the full picture of what a customer is seeing (check tabs’ access group settings, check edit/create permissions in each form, search for all the records where customer is assigned as owner…)


It is not supported to allow SYSAdmins to temporarily view the database as another user. I have forwarded this feature request to our developers and will notify you when we have new information about it.