Action to create multiple date based on date range and frequency setting

Not sure whether can this be done?
I have create a course with date range from 1st Jan to 31 Jun, with a frequency of every Saturday.
Is there a function that can provide an action to create individual class records which have some data converted from course, but I can have individual record for me to record attendance?


You can try list out each class details in the Subtables of each course. Then apply the feature New Sheet from Subtables. This way each entry in the subtables of the course sheet would automatically become a new record for each class as an independent data, and you can design more fields to record class attendance in the new sheet.

Hope this helps.

That works but I will need to create 52 time for a weekly course in the subtable, is there a way to do this repeaten works with come code or function?

To automation the process of creating records, you will have to write the custom script to achieve it. However, we do not provide scripting tutoring, you will have to forward our Javascript documentation to the developers in your company to refer to: Javascript Workflow Engine