Action (Custom) Button for List View

Looking for assistance with creating an action button for the list view. I want it to perform the mass update action. For the list view, there aren’t custom buttons available like the list view.

Thanks in advance!


You can create and save the action button on the form page first. Then, on the listing page, you can execute the action button for multiple entries under “Mass Update”.

Thank you! Are we able to get this as a button down below? Like where it appears in the form view.

But more importantly, it has a max of 300 entries. This is not the case when doing it under the update tab. Is it possible to change this?


  1. Currently, we have no plan to add this feature on the listing page. You may need to access it through the mass update.

  2. May I know how many entries you need to update and your use case for this?

It is for accounting to update all of the reservations that have been paid for that pay period. I pulled numbers, and many of them are over 300, but none 500+


Then, may I know what’s the action button for? Is it for update the values, convert records, or update the values to another sheet?

Update the value of one field on all the entries that are filtered.
(Sorry, I missed this notification somehow)


If the purpose is to update the field to a specific field value, would you mind to try if update works for you?

It does, that’s how she had been doing it before. We were just looking for something more efficient like a button.

Hi Alaina,

Since action button tends to have lots of scripting, we’ve applied the restrict to avoid executing lots of the entries at a time that might slow down the server. At the moment, I would suggest updating those entries with mass update still. :slight_smile:

I understand. Thank you for working on this for me! :grinning: