Action button on RAW embedded sheet to update value on another sheet

Hi there!
I’ve set up an action button to update a value on another sheet. Normaly I can see this action button on Mass Update, on the tab called Execute Action Button. And it works perfectly alright.
But if I choose to RAW embed this sheet, my UpdateActionButton does not appear on Mass Update/Execute Action Button tab anymore.
The User is the same in both circumstances.
Can you please advise?


Do you mean this function?

If yes, can the SYSAdmin see the action buttons in this function in the embedded sheet page?

Yeah, that’s the function.
No, the function is not available to SYSAdmin in the embedded sheet. That’s the problem.


Have you logged in? Cause I tested in my own sheet and did not encounter this issue.

If you have logged in and still don’t see action buttons in this function in your embedded sheet, please submit a ticket through “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database with the embedded sheet url and action button names.


I’ll give it one more try and if it does not work I’ll procceed as you suggested. Thanks for the help anyway.