Access rights for user

Hi there,
I am having problem with access, when I am giving access to the user to as entry manager they still unable to view it although the form access is in survey user

When you assign the entry to a user, the user would be listed as “entry manager” in “i” panel of the entry.
Would you please check from “i” from lower right corner on entry form page to see if the entry is successfully assigned to that user?


Nope the entry is not successful assign to that person

I already assign to that person but the access is still not working .


Would you please let us know if it’s working for the newly created entries?
If still not, please submit a support ticket to with detailed information like on which sheet (sheet url/entry url), the steps you create the entry with assigning it to a user, and it’s not successfully assigned (screenshots of the steps for us to refer to would be helpful as well) so that we can look into it for you.


Okay sure