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In most cases, Ragic can fulfill most of your business requirements without any coding. But if you’re interested in creating some script for very customized business logic, or building integration with your existing systems. You can ask here for developers and consultants to help you!



I would like to get a quote for two scripts! The first, a script that will filter all “available listings” selecting those that meet new sign-up’s (persons to sign up to our Dream Property Finder) requirements! And then sends the new “Property Short-list” to the email address given.>>>>>>>>For when the person initially signs up!

The second script, then checks/takes every new listings and check it against all Dream Property Finder subscriber requirements……………and sends to those that MATCH!

See the demo version of the database at www.ragic.com/housedbdemo

Dream Property Finder (Mailing List) Sign-up

Dream Property Finder (Mailing List) Reviewer

Listings (Admin View)

I’ll be using (copying over) to other installations of said DB as well!

Let me know,