A couple of bugs to report.


I have a few beta testers using my site before I go live. There’s a couple of issues I want to let you know about so your developers can fix.

Using the Apple app on an Ipad:

  1. Sign in using an X-User account.
  2. On left hand menu select a sheet.
  3. Enter a search term into main search field.
  4. DON’T click on a result item, instead click on a sheet in the LH menu - Causes the app to crash.

Clicking the back arrow on the search field and then a sheet and it works OK. Click on a result item and then a sheet it works OK.

Also using Tasks.

Using the same X-User account when adding a new task in the Apple app the dropdown field for who to allocate the task to gives Ragic Support & an admin user. This is correct.

Use the same account on the Win PC (main Ragic website) the same field appears to list ALL X-Users/Users - Not good.

Thanks a lot for an awesome product and for your continued development.

Kind regards.