1 customer multiple vehicles


I have several customers that have more than one vehicle. How do I create a drop down to add and choose their vehicle depending on which car is in the shop



As we’re not familiar with the workflow you would like to have, would you mind to elaborate more on what you would like to achieve and your workflow with an example so that we could guide based on your need? Generally, some descriptions of your workflow with a screenshot would be pretty helpful.


It isnt so much workflow I want I need to be able to enter one customer who has more than one vehicle under that one customers tab. How can I do this?


How do we do cascaded selection based on database fields rather than a typed in list of values?

It looks like the current Cascaded Selection option is not available when we want to select from another sheet.



Then, you may create a subtable to store multiple vehicles under one customer.



Currently, the cascaded selection can only be based on a selection field.


Okay, but just worked out we can use Dynamic Filtering to achieve this…