Filter reference sub-tables


I am finding many cases where I need to filter the records in an embedded reference table. In the example below I do not want to display projects which are already in production OPS (green) and only active ones.

I do not want to set a Fixed filter as this means when I look at the full list of records the once in OPS status will not show. If we can provide something like you have with Link filtering this would be wonderful.


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Do you mean to filter a subtable in a record based on a non-subtable field value in that record?

Hi Jeff,

Yes we need the ability to filter the refence records by either a field on the parent form (non-subtable) or
by a fixed value.
I imagine the setting would look something like this prototype.

In my example above I would not want users to see old projects so the filter would be Project Stats != ‘OPS’

Many database applications allow you to filter the display of the 1 to many related data by more then just the primary key, in Ragic case the Link and Load field.


Follow up on this. I’m facing the same problem. Did you find a solution?

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me too. no way at the moment.
tried to apply fixed filter on the existing sheet from which references are coming, but filter won’t be applied to subtable.
any suggestion?


Maybe setting a default filter and default sort to subtable will be suitable in this case. If the filter condition is a bit complicated, you could set conditional formula to return a value first and set default filter view based on the value.

I did as you suggested.
It works, but then when I try to download as pdf - from the listing page - I obtain a new issue:

  • if i choose single file, no problem.
  • if i choose separate files compressed into a zip, the filter is gone and all records are shown in the subtable.
    again, any further suggestion?

We’ve forward this issue to development team, unfortunately, the subtable can not be applied with correct filter when downloading as a zip file at this moment. It would be

We will keep you posted in this thread. During this period, you could download as PDF from form page, or mass download in a little bit complicated way, which is mail merge to Excel files first and convert the Excel files to PDF.