Community driven templates


How far are we from having the ability to share forms (groups of forms) as templates in the community? It was mentioned to me that this was being worked on.
Many of us have created great forms we could share or sell to others in the community.

We would simply need the ability to export a set of related forms to a file and then be able to share that file with others. We understand if fields have related sheets, not in the export it would not work 100% and some changes would need to be done once imported.

This would be a subset of the backup and restore functionality provided.

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I too think this is an important feature!


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Ragic please can we have some feedback on this as it is a key tool to selling templates into the community which is very beneficial to Ragic in building out the solutions.


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We do understand the importance of this, but to share a set of sheets from any account to any account would require a substantial change to our underlying data structure. What I can tell you is that this type of any account to any account sharing will be ready by the end of 2021 (I know, I know, it’s a long time, but I want to leave enough development time for this).

We will also be launching a partner application store program, where partners can setup their own homepage formatted like Ragic’s homepage, have customers sign up for the partner’s application by subscription. This will be completely white labeled with partner’s own domain name. This will also take some time to develop, but we plan to launch this around 2021 Q2.


I fully understand the complexity of handling the dynamic nature of Ragic with all the backend system metadata. Radical was an extremely similar solution we created in 2001 and importing what we called definitions (templates) was very complicated. In the end it was very powerful so worth the wait.

Thanks a ton

Hello Jeff
This “completely white labeled option” feature will be a great solution for many partners. We will be waiting for it. Thanks very much.