WORKDAY Formula Not Showing Result

I attempted to use the WORKDAY(A1,A2,[“Holidays”]) formula to calculate the due dates for reports. After unsuccessful attempts to utilize the formula, I created a field labeled “Due Date” (Field ID 1003450) and used the example formula from the Ragic Knowledge Base: WORKDAY(2017/06/16,9,[“2017/06/16”,“2017/06/19”]). This formula did not produce a visible result, leaving a blank date field. Am I not using the formula correctly?

Hi Joshua,

For WORKDAY(start_date,days,[“holidays”]) function, you will need to refer to a date field as the start date, and “” cannot be written as “”)

For example, A1 is a date field, and A2 is the date field you assign formula “WORKDAY(A1,9,[“2017/06/16”,“2017/06/19”])”.

If you enter “2017/06/15” in A1, A2 will return “2017/06/30” by formula.

(And please note that if you just add a new field with formula while you have records in the sheet, you will need to execute formulas recalculation to the new field.)

Thank you. The function is working properly, now.

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