Which Currencies are supported for Pricelist?

I am exploring Ragic for our business based in the Philippines. The prices for our products would need to be shown in PHP Philippine Peso for local market. Does the Ragic Pricelist support this or is it only in USD? I’m using the Free version currently to test out the features and cannot see any choice of currency in the Pricelist or account settings. Is it available in the paid version? This would be a must before we proceed further.

Hi, are you currently using the sheet from one of the templates in “Install Template”? If yes, please note that Ragic only allows template modification in Professional plan or above (you can subscribe to the 30-day free Professional plan trial to modify the template).
Are you looking for a rate exchange feature or a way to change the format of a money field value? If you’re looking for a rate exchange feature, you can find it in the design mode exchange rate field type.
If you’d like to change the money field format, go to the field setting on the design mode and change the field format (change the “$” into “PHP”, for example).