What's the best way to achieve this please?

I have the following sheets for admins - Sheet A(admin), Sheet B(admin) & Sheet C(admin).

Sheet C(admin) was created by ‘New sheet from subtable’ via Sheet A(admin) and has link & load fields from Sheet B. So far so good and everything works great.

I want to set up duplicates for users who should have access to less fields/data for Sheet A(admin) and Sheet C(admin) so duplicated them both and named them Sheet A and Sheet C. However, on Sheet C, when I click on the link back to Sheet A it actually links back to Sheet A(admin) which I don’t want users to access. How do I change it to link to Sheet A instead?

I did try to reset the links but for some reason Sheet A lost connection with it’s parent and I couldn’t find any way to reconnect it without deleting everything and starting again.

What is the best way of approaching this please before I have another try. Should I duplicate just Sheet A(admin) to get Sheet A and then recreate a ‘New sheet from subtable’ to create Sheet C? Or is there a better way?


Very interesting.
I tried your setup.
I went to Sheet A and then recreated a ‘New sheet from subtable’ to create Sheet C.
Sheet C refrenced to both Sheet A and Sheet A(admin). I tried to cut the link to Sheet A(admin), it wasnt allowed.
But maybe setting the access rights your Sheet C users might not be able to get to Sheet A(admin).

Not getting very far with this issue and rather frustratingly my database has crashed for the second time trying to restore it to a previous snapshot.

Here’s what happened this morning.

I went to Sheet A(admin) and duplicated it (using the same source) via the tab renaming the new sheet Sheet A.
For some reason this created a large number of empty records in my database. The original records from Sheet A(admin) were still there but there were a whole lot of extra ones too. I had to go through the whole database to delete the empty rows.

Then I used Sheet A and recreated a ‘New sheet from subtable’ to create Sheet C. I also noticed Sheet C referenced both Sheet A and Sheet A(admin). Changing field names on Sheet C resulted in changing field names in all the same fields in Sheet A & Sheet A(admin) without asking me to confo=irm. It just did it when I saved!

I also noticed there were no entries listed on Sheet C which was strange. I then checked the sub-table on Sheet A and there was no data. All empty. And what’s more on checking the original Sheet A(admin) all the sub-table data was gone there too!

I decided to delete Sheets A & Sheet C and start again. I deleted Sheet C but Sheet A would not let me delete it because there were links to other sheets. Comparing the links between Sheet A(admin) and Sheet A it looks like Sheet A had become the parent of Sheet A(admin).

So I’m not sure if it’s possible to do what I’m trying to do for my use case. Or whether it’s just my database that’s gone wrong.

I decided to restore my database to a snapshot I took before I started. My account/database has locked up and I can’t get access now for a second time. The same happened yesterday. I’ve opened a ticket.

Can a member of support please advise me how I might achieve my original use case? Clearly the way I’ve tried is not the correct way.

Kind regards.


Can you send an email to support@ragic.com with this issue again and we will help you fix the issue via email.


If you have set up the correct access right, user will only be able to access the version they have access to even though at the backend it’s linked with the original version.
You may test by logging in as that user.


I suspect this is too complicated for the system.

I have tested creating two duplicate sheets and made sure access rights are correct. All that happens when the user clicks or hovers the link in the duplicate Sheet C is they are asked to login - the login box appears, so the links in Sheet C still link to the original Sheet A(admin). There appears to be no way to reset the links in Sheet C so they point to Sheet A instead of Sheet A(admin).
In fact, trying to do so seems to delete all the data in the sub-table in Sheet A.

I will have to think of another approach to this as this way clearly doesn’t work.



I am an idiot! The step I was missing … Having duplicated Sheet A(admin) and Sheet C(admin) I then need to go into the sub-table on Sheet C and edit the linking field to point to the key/title field of Sheet A. Do that and everything works! I was trying to do it through the the Form Tools and Link and Load settings.

I’ve probably confused everyone. Sorry.

Ragic rocks!