Using list from subtable for categories in another subtable

Hi there!

Currently setting up an art database and want to be able to define a number of sizes in one subtable (doesn’t necessarily need to be subtable if it works better a different way) then use them as the selection list in a different subtable.

See image attached.

Practical example
Say one artwork subject is ‘Print of Mount Everest’
You can buy it in red, blue and green.
You can also buy it in various sizes i.e. A4, A3 and A2

So in the sub-group area I can define what sizes it can be in.

Then in the Variants subtable I can say the colours.

I can then create a list of official possible variants. i.e. Red comes in A4, A3, and A2; Blue only in A2, and Green in A4 and A3.

I will then go on and use this data for project management, production, sales orders, support requests etc etc

Note: To get round this for now and to keep on developing the rest of the data base I have created a new sheet from the sub-group subtable - but this doesn’t prevent the wrong subgroup being applied to variants if I create subgroups for other artwork families
But I also want to avoid having 100 entries of ‘A4’ - I almost want to tag the A4 entry as allowed for this artwork.


It seems like you will have a chain of subtable relationships for artworks, such as:
Artwork > subtable for different colors > subtable for sizes of every different color of the artworks.

The best way is on the artwork sheet, you’ll need to create a subtable to record the different colors, which you’ll then need to create a new sheet from that subtable. And on that new sheet, you’ll then need to create another subtable to record all the sizes of every different color of the artworks. And if needed, you can Link fields from parent sheets to display certain fields on your new sheets.

Now if you would like to apply the artwork pieces and its colors and sizes on other sheets, you would need to have every product as a unique record. Meaning that for your example, you will have six different records for “Print of Mount Everest” in terms of different colors and sizes. To do that, you can simply create a new sheet from the last subtable mentioned above and link the fields from parent sheets if needed. And then on your other sheets, you can then apply dynamic filtering to your link & load relationships so you can have filtered selections while processing your records on other sheets.

So to sum it up, the process for your case is:
Create a subtable to record color on the artwork sheet > create a new sheet from that subtable and link fields from parent sheets if needed > create a subtable to record sizes on the new sheet > create a new sheet from that subtable and link fields from parent sheets if needed > set up link and load on other sheets to that new sheet created from the size subtable > set up dynamic filtering

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Amazing thank you Fabio, will try it out now!

Thank you for your help, tried out your suggestions and had to find a work around to ensure the correct Artwork Family or Variant would feed down into subtables further down.

(Think if I then hide the fields will keep it well organised)

If I didn’t want unique values i.e. A4 Green, A4 Red, and instead just having A4 but can still be applied across different artwork families I imagine this would need to be a separate table that is not created out of the artwork family.

Will try out dynamic filtering, sounds like what I’m looking for.