Use a field from another sheet to enter data.

Hi. I’m just starting with Ragic. I’ve worked a bit with MS Access and I’m having a hard time replicating some of the same techniques. I am a teacher and I give belt tests (as in martial arts belts) to my students. In Access, I had two tables, one for the belts, which holds information about each belt (including a BeltColor field). Another table was for recording the actual Belt Tests. This table had one-to-many relationships with a number of other tables, such as Students, Classes, and of course the aforementioned Belts table. All these tables had numeric primary key fields. I had a BeltsID field in Belt Tests that referenced the key field in the Belts table. Then, I could create a data entry form where I could select the Belt Color from a combo box and it would update the Belt ID field in BeltTests.

I can’t figure out how to do this in Ragic. I created a form and imported the data from the Belts and BeltTests tables. Then, in the BeltTests table, I created a Color field and set the field type to “Select from Other Sheet”, but that doesn’t do what I need. What I need is to pull the colors from the Belts sheet and let the user select the color when creating a new record in the BeltTests sheet. Then the BeltID should be updated in the BeltTests sheet with the ID corresponding to the color the user selected. This way the user doesn’t need to know the ID for every color. In Access, I’d create the one-to-many relationships and then place a multi-column combo box in a data entry form and set the control and row source to handle this. How can do the same thing in Ragic?

I’ve looked through the docs but can’t find a solution. Thanks.



To better understand your database needs, would you mind submitting a support ticket via the “Need Help” button located on the top right corner of your screen and provide us with more details such as a detailed description of your process and some data examples? These informations can help us have a better understand of your needs.

Wouldn’t mind seeing this myself as old access user if you don’t mind.

hi Chris, Because of the data architecture in Ragic you don’t actually need a primary key - Ragic handles this in the background. If you want to have a unique ID then you can use the “Auto-generate”
field type. I use it out of habit but it is not required. If you want to pull information from other sheets use the Link & Load feature. It’s probably the most useful feature in Ragic. Here’s the overview:
Shout out if that doesn’t help (although I’m sure the support team have already helped you out).