Updating Other Sheet, Based on Multiple Selection.

Hello, I want to update another sheet based on the value of a multiple selection. Would appreciate it of anyone can help me with this.

For example,
I have 2 sheets, they are:

  • Orders
  • Costing

Where 1 costing entry can have multiple order within.
I want to update each selected order entries selected within the costing entry, with the reference number of the costing entry.

Currently the button works perfectly if there is only 1 selection, but it doesnt update when I selected multiple order entries in the costing.

Thank you in advance.


In order for us to better understand the situation, could you please provide us with screenshots of your sheets, detailed descriptions of your ideal workflow, and tell us how is it not working ideally for you?

Alternatively, if you would like to get in touch with us privately about this case, you can submit a support ticket via the “Need Help?” button located on the top right corner of your database screen to get in touch with Ragic Support privately and directly.