Understanding cross sheet functionality

Can I use a function on one sheet to refer to another sheet? I’ve looked through the documentation and I’m not clear if that is possible.

For example - pricing. I am trying to create product entries that pull pricing variables from different sheet sources. These can’t be collected in one sheet due to the variables in the materials and the way the products are produced. Additionally, I don’t want to only use the nested Selection fields because these need to be both more easily updated AND better controlled.

I figured out I can do a lot of Link and Load that will accomplish this, but I’d much prefer a VLOOKUP option similar to the one in Excel.



Our form tools link and load works pretty much like the VLOOKUP(). However, in link and load, you can only link one field to one specific sheet. If you’re pricing locates in different sheets, you’ll need to create multiple pricing fields in order to link to each of them.

I agree with this request i have the same problem that i have unique pricing for each customer on each product. Please place the Vlookup function on a future product release.


As addressed in the previous reply, our link and load actually works pretty much like VLOOKUP() as long as you put all pricing information within a sheet.

From your description, I would suggest recording all the pricing within one sheet. Furthermore, you’ll need to address which customer that the pricing can be applied to.

For example, let’s say you have A product and you sell $10 to B client while $15 to C client. Then, in your pricing sheet, you’ll need to have 2 different entries. One entry is $10 for B client and the other is $15 for C client.

In your order sheet, you can use dynamic filters so that the pop-up window will only show up the pricing that belongs to specific client.

happy to found this answer. However it is annoying to input al that prices and repeat most of the cells, when I need special prices for some customers, hope I will solve that with first define common price list and then adding special prices for customers to another - final table. I also have some “action discount” on some articles but I solve that with your SO price list solution.
Is there any way to filter empty cells as separate group? A lot of the products doesn’ t have special price and is always available to all customers. I know that I can add some special ID for ID_Customer, like “0000”, but it means a lot of unnecessary work input that on any new product. Blanks are more practical.