Two Linkages to One Form? SOLVED

I have a form with two sets of fields: one for the person who submitted the issue and another for the person to whom this issue is assigned. All participants are in the same Form. The first set captures the person with $USERNAME and the rest get filled with a link. I cannot get a second link set up for the second set of records.

EDIT: Sorry, I have this backwards. It’s the set of records with the $USERNAME that I cannot get to link. I have just tried a duplicate sheet for the lookup without success.

Would you mind to elaborate more on this as we’re not quite sure what you mean?

Sorry, I botched the message.

These are the two lines I am working on. Both the reporter and the assignee come from the same group of people. The second line, Assignment, works fine. Nick is the default name and the system links and gets his phone number and email address. The first line, Reporter, gets the name from $USERNAME and the email from $USERID, as we want to record the person who submits the record. I cannot get the system to link this line. I even tried duplicating the sheet that holds the data on these persons.


Just to clarity, did you link to your own customized sheet or you’ve linked to the system “User” sheet?

To my own customized sheet.


I guess for now you’ve set the “Reporter” field as free text field type with $USERNAME default values. If you wish to load the data from your own customized sheet, you’ll need to change the field type to “Select from other sheet” and link it to your customized sheet. A shortcoming is that you won’t be able to set $USERNAME and users will need to select their own entries manually.

If all users are already built in your system “User” sheet, a workaround would be set the field with the “Select User” field type with the “Default to Current User” attribute. Then, you’ll be able to set the loaded fields in the linking manager with “Ragic System Config”:

Note: with this method, you’ll need to update their “Phone” and “Email” in the “User” page first.

The second method works. Fantastic!

Thanks so much.