Trigger emails based on field value


We have built work flows into our solution and would like to send out a formatted email when a field has a specific value. We would need to avoid work flow scripts if possible as the person building the email templates and work flows are not technical.
I looked at but i do not see how to make numerous emails and how to trigger them.

So if Status = ‘Sales PO’ then send an email to
if Status = ‘OPS’ then send a different formatted email to

The email formatting and content is easy to do.

Two questions:

  1. Can we send different emails for the same sheet record

  2. List item how do we trigger the different email formats based on the field value

Thanks in advance


In the setting of the send custom email action button, you may refer to a specific field as the recipient.

Hence, you may create an email field with conditional formulas so that it fills in when status = “Sales PO” and when the status = “OPS”. Then, refer to that field in your action button setting.

It’s not supported to automatically send out emails instantly based on a field value. You’ll need further scripting to achieve this.