Tabluar based editing

Please can you allow record lists to be added when viewing the main sheet list in the same was you allow us to add records to an embedded/reference table inside a form.

I can supply screen shots it this is not clear.


Not quite sure about what you meant. Please share a screenshot for us to refer to.


In the main record list allow people to add records like you do in Excel and the same way you allow people to add subtable or reference records. This is the table to allow adding records which is also very similar to how you allow mass editing.

This is a Contacts table embedded in the Company (Partner) record where you allow the functionality to editor add for the same table (Contacts) above when it is embedded.

In summary you allow the functionality when the Contact table is embedded so it should be fairly easy to allow the same when it is not embedded I would presume. You also allow mass editing of records so most of the functional “plumbing” is in place.

I hope this make sense otherwise I will create a video for you.

Thanks a ton

Do you mean you would like to add records directly from the listing page?
If so, we do already provide the quick add functionality


Yes that is precisely what I meant, just in a more user friendly way. Have a look at the sheet Entry Page which has access to, where I did a little hack to get what I am try to show you.

BTW is see simple formulas don’t work using your way of adding records or my way. Look at Contacts and then the Email Outlook field which is a simple concatenation but does not work when you add records your way or my way.
Should I log a separate ticket for that?

Have a really good day.

If I’m not mistaken, you have to add/redo the formulas in list view. I had trouble with that when first setting up our system.

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Since we don’t know which database account you are using and the issue you meant, please submit a ticket with detailed information regarding the steps to reproduce the issue for us to look into.


Yes, because the formula calculation on form page and listing page is separate.

You are 100% right I needed to set the formula in reference table list view and that works perfectly. Thanks a ton.

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