Sync One Linked Field

I have many fields that are linked & loaded from another sheet. I would like to add one new field to be linked and loaded so that the info will appear on old entries.

The current way to do this would be to re-select the key field on each of these entries to reload all of the linked fields, but there are thousands AND there is some data that has been updated that will render some of the previous entries incorrect. (For example, the inventory cost for an item may have gone up, but old sales need to stay at the old inventory cost to keep our records correct.)

I would like to be able to sync this one field by itself for all current records.

Hi Alaina,

Just for confirmation, you’ve configured A field as linked field and B field as loaded field.
Then, you want to add C field as loaded field and repopulate the loaded values while keep the B field unchanged?

Not sure if my email reply went through, so I’ll reply here also.

A Cost per unit on vendor profile (original field)
B Cost per unit on sale entry (where it loads)
(This has already been linked and loaded)

C member level on vendor profile (original field)
D member level on sale entry (where it would load)
(To be added and synced on current sales entries)

If we sync all the fields on current sale entries, it will change the cost on the ones who’ve increased their cost per unit, which we do not want.
So for example: Vendor 1 sells their products for $5 and I have a sales entry showing we paid them $5 for one unit last month. This month they increased their cost to $6. If I sync the cost per unit on all of the sales entries, it will change that entry from last month to $6 and will make our records incorrect.

Any possibilities?

Hi Alaina,

Sorry for the late reply.
Since both fields have the same linked field, Ragic would be unable to sync only one of the loaded field. I would suggest exporting entries to excel file, editing in excel, and then importing back.

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