subtable deleted record feature (Mobile Application)

Hi ragic member, I am here to ask regarding some new feature or maybe already existed feature (which maybe i did not discover it?)

Is about delete a record in a subtable.

My web mode ragic (I meant desktop mode), there is a delete red button to remove entry.
While in mobile apps, I cannot find this remove button.

Is it I did not realize the existence of this button or temporarily Ragic havent got this feature??

Thank You

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You will need to click into that subtable entry to find “trash icon” at upper right corner for deleting it while using our mobile app.

Hi amy, I could not find this trash icon~

I am using android phone~

Amy, is your left arrow lead you back into the summary of subtable (where at the right side, there is a plus button?)

I just wanna confirm that i at the same screen as you~

I checked, there is no trash icon.

Sorry. can you guide me again~


Please record a video and send it to and share with us your entry url for us to refer to.

Hi amy,
Sorry. I dont get it.
entry url is ~

Anyway, I will record a video and send to you with video url~

Hi Amy, I got it already~
This trash icon only appear after I saved the entry~~~

but during I key in the entries, there is no trash icon.

I just wondering, could the mobile app has the same remove button as the web ragic to remove any entries during key in.

This is because, sometimes we may key in the wrong entries in the subtable, and we may have realized the error and quickly wanna remove the entries in the subtable before saving.

Just like the web ragic, it is good~

This is just my suggestion and hope it can be enhanced on this feature.

Thank You


It’s currently not supported to edit or delete the subtable records on entry form page while using mobile app, you will need to click into one subtable entry to do it.

Yes. I get what you meant. But this trash icon is only appeared after I saved the entry is it??

Just to confirm.
Thank You



Hello, I have a similar problem. I can correctly visualize the trash bin but when I press it, a circle appears that spins forever. (No internet connection problems). Some advice?


May I know the APP version you are using? If not the latest version, would you mind to update app to see if that works?

Version 4.1.17 it is the latest I think


We didn’t reproduce this problem, would you mind log out and log in again to see if it works as expected? Is it happened to all sheets in database or a specific sheet?
If not, please send a ticket via “Support Help”, it’s on the upper right corner of your database page in browser side with the problem and issue URL and allow Ragic Support to access to your database for testing.