SMS (Twilio) Where do responses go?

We bought some credits for trying out the Mass SMS feature, however there is very little documentation on this so I have some questions.

  1. Where do responses go when the customer/client responds to the text message.
  2. The send Mass SMS dialog box remains open after sending, and does not give a ‘Finished’ or ‘Success’ response. Will this be updated in the future, as it caused us to send the same message twice because we did not know the first one was successful.
  3. The text message sent does not attach to the record it was sent to. (Like emails do) Nor do responses apparently.
  4. The price was pretty different than shown as well, I sent 1 test message to myself (United States) and it was .09 rather than .0079. Now I’ve sent 9 messages, to US, and have spent .81. So .09 each. Which is fine, but it is a large difference than shown on website for cost.

Thank you for your time in answering the above questions.


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