Show references from existing sheets

Hi, I’m a newbie to Ragic!

I downloaded some templates such as Employment Management, CRM etc.

Here are some key relationships:
For each account (i.e. Account Sheet), there may be multiple projects.
For each project (i.e. Project Sheet), there may be multiple employees (i.e. Employee Management Sheet) assigned to the project.
Since a project is connected to an account, in the project sheet, I have the field which select from other sheet (i.e. Account sheet) for the client’s name.

I’m trying to create a project summary under each employee record, so I used “Show references from existing sheets” and then under Employee A, it will list all the Projects that he is assigned to. However, the table is missing the Client’s Name as it is selected from other sheet. I tried to add a column where the client’s name uses “Link & Load” but unfortunately, when the employee record automatically loads the projects, the client’s name doesn’t automatically loads. I will have to manually click each one to populate that.

Any idea how to fix this?



Would you mind sending a support ticket with the sheet URL and grant Ragic Support access to your database so that we could have a closer look to this problem?
You could do so by clicking “Need Help” on the top right corner of database page.