Show if record has been e-mailed in record list

I have a sheet of records used to place orders to my supplier and I use the Send E-mail action to send the order to the supplier.

I would like to see if an order has been sent in my list of orders, so that I can catch orders which have not yet been sent to the supplier.

How could I do this?


You may refer to the following step:

  1. Create a new field, using this field to record if you’ve sent the custom mail
  2. Use Update Values set the new field to change to Y
  3. Combined Update Value button and Send Custom Email button.

To send a custom email in the future, simply click the combined button, and it will send the email and mark the new field as “Y”.
You can then filter the new field on the Listing page to see which data you have not yet sent.

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Thank you, this is a good solution.

In the e-mail Send e-mail Tool action it is possible to attach a file before sending. I still need this functionality, Can I combine this action with the Update Values action?


Do you mean frequently used tools custom button - E-mail this entry?
This kind of custom button can not be combined with action buttons.

We’ll suggest you use Send Custom E-mail instead.
This action button could also attach a file in the email, you may create File Upload field to set as attach file field in the setting.


Please inform if it’s possible to get the same send-email dialogue box where I can edit the e-mail to appear before sending the e-mail?


In the Send Custom E-mail function, you’ll need to set the email content when setting up the button.
The dialog won’t appear before sending, the email will automatically send when you click the button.