Send Reminder to user by "Name" not by their emails

Dear Support,

Once I create the Reminders and customize the message to the field that shows the user account to be addressed to him/her, while we preview the message or the system sends the message, it will show the email of the user. So, it will look like this:
“Dear” while we need it to show the name of the use as “Dear Mohamed Al Modhayan”.

Is there a way to solve this?


It’s the behavior to select user field at the time, we would check with development team.
There might be a workaround, add another free text field and assign a formula to refer the select user field, it would get the name as free text. Change the customize message to refer the new text field.


Thank you for your reply, I tried in several way but didn’t get the desired result, I added a text filed in Account users but the “link” is not available to reflect the name of the employees in the desired sheets that I need to reflect the names on it.

Uhm…which the suggestion above is to add a free text field beside the select user field on the sheet you set reminders, and assign formula refer the select user field. Then it might return the user name as free text in the field new created.
You could customize reminder message with the free text field.

If it’s not workable, please send a support ticket via “Need Help” on the upper right corner of database page. Provide your question and issue URL and grand Ragic support access to your database so that we could have a closer look.