Revoke Guest User email access

There is an option on the Email field type to allow Guest USer access, which sends a one-time access link to that email address. This is a great feature!

One issue I am having is that there is no way to revoke said access once it is given. Even if I clear the email field, the initial recipient can still click on the link they got to access that record. If they already used it once, it will send them a new one automatically. I would like to change this behavior and only allow one-time access. They should not be able to come back later and change things.

This is crucial for signing forms for example. We don’t want subsequent changes.

Is there any way to do this?


Currently it’s not supported, the authenticate link is for one-time access and valid for 1 month. If the user clicks the link more than once or after expiration, the system will send a new valid link to the guest user’s e-mail address.

Maybe you could put a post-workflow to determine that the entry be locked when it’s edited by guest user.

We would also forward this to our development team to see if we could make it.

Interesting suggestion. For now I added Conditional formatting to hide the entire page once it has been filled. Very hacky but it works. Looking forward to a more real solution.

It would be nice if simply deleting the email addres from the field would revoke the access. Seems intuitive.

Hi Meir,
We would discuss this feature request with our development team, if there’s any update will keep you posted : )