Reverse/Change Calendar Event Filters

Is it possible to undo or change the calendar event filters after they have been hidden?

Also, is it possible to control which event colors for which sheet?

Thank you.

Hide this type of events : Hide the events that are from the same date field on that sheet.


The event that was hidden can’t be reverted at the moment, we’ve reported the demand to development team, once it’s supported we will inform in this thread.

And color controlling events from different sheets isn’t supported currently, we’ll discuss with development team if there’s any possibility to make it released.

Thanks Hank, i found it odd that you can turn off the type of event but can’t turn it on. Maybe date fields could have a field property checkbox “include in calendar” and right next to it could be a choice for Calendar Event Color attached to the date field.

Hi, calendar event which is hidden can be shown again in near feature, it is now under testing. We’ll add a setting icon beside events, which users can choose to show the events that are hidden.

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It’s now supported to re-show up the hidden calendar events by clicking the gear icon at topper right of calendar event section > Show calendar event.

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