Report access rights

I have three sheets assigned to three different users. They all have survey user rights for their respective sheets.

I’ve created three identical reports and assigned each report’s source to each user’s respective sheet.

I only want the user to see the data in the report sourced from their sheet. But each user can see the data in the other users’ reports.

Hope I’m not being thick. Have I missed a setting to ensure that a user who’s assigned access to a sheet can only see reports that source data from that sheet?

Thanks everyone


Please kindly set us a support ticket via the “Need Help?” so that we could have a look at your current settings. :slight_smile:

Hi Angie. I think I resolved the issue. The reports can be selected by any user but the data only populates to the report that the user has access rights to.

Saw the report on my phone but didn’t check the data. My bad.