Reminders: multiple recipients from an e-mail field in the sheet

It is very common to send a reminder to several people at the same time but these people might change from one to other entry. So, it would be useful to be able to set as recipient a field with multiple e-mail addresses.

Hi German,

What you would like to achieve is actually our standard feature behavior of reminder.
If you encounter any problem sending same reminder email to multiple recipients, please submit a ticket by sending email to or clicking “Need Help” > “Support Ticket” at upper right corner in your database, provide us with the entry url and the name of reminder, and let us know which recipient did not receive the sent reminder.



Please check my sheet “notas2”. The reminder is driven by field “Date”. As for the “recipients” field, I have tried with e-mail type field and then 2 e-mail addresses separated by colon or semicolon, as well as a multiple select field, but it is not working. It works if I set Remind to Other e-mail and then write several addresses in the respective field in the Reminder configuration, but this is static, i.e., the same recipients for every entry of the sheet.

Then is the problem with multiline fields in the e-mail body. The line breaks are lost!