Reminder emails and "from"

Is it possible to change who the “reminder” email is “from?” I’d like to change it to our company name instead of Ragic. I have a reminder configured to send automatic birthday greetings, but it shows as being from Ragic in their inbox. The custom e-mail show from the sender, but I don’t see any way to change that aspect on reminders.


For the moment, the sender of the notification mail can only be changed in the on-premise plan.

Thanks. Would sure love to see that option later!


Sorry that it’s only supported for our On-Premise plan because:

  1. We cannot send out the email from Ragic and pretend it’s sent out by your domain that it mostly would be recognized as spam mail.
  2. If it’s supported to allow user to setup sending out emails from your own mail server, Ragic would need to have the account and password of your mail server.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, we currently do not have plan for it.

For our On-Premise plan, you can set up your own mail server so that the mails are indeed sent out by your mail server that you can configure the “Sender”.