Referencing selection field values in formulas

Hi there.
I am trying to use a field value in a conditional formula.
The field is a selection type with a choice made from a list of text strings.
The following formula is always returning “n/a”.
What am I doing wrong?
IF(A11=OR(“Waiting to send”,“Waiting to drop-off”,“Waiting for pick-up”),“Waiting”,“n/a”)
Thanks in advance.


Please try this formula,
IF(OR(A11.RAW=“Waiting to send”,A11.RAW=“Waiting to drop-off”,A11.RAW=“Waiting for pick-up”),“Waiting”,“n/a”)
Regarding OR() formula please refer to this article, and for more details about .RAW, please refer to this section.

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That’s great, hank. It works!
Appreciate your help.

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