publish to web and importdata is not up to date

Hi Ragic member, i would like to ask again regarding publish to web feature by generating link with api.

Then I am using importdata function of google sheet~

However, I am just wondering~

Whenever there is a new entry in ragic, how long does it take for it to be reflected on the google sheet??

Right now, what i have tested is, at first i importdata to google sheet at time 12 pm.
then at 1p.m. i have a new in ragic. At that instance, the google sheet is not reflected to the changes in ragic.

How long does it take to update on the google sheet??

Hope you can advise me on this~

Thank You

Ragic provides a real time data feed to external applications, it’s up to the external application like Google Sheet to determine when they would update the data. Ragic does not have any control over when Google Sheet refreshes the data.