Publish Records as RSS Feed

First, I understand that RAGIC can integrate with Zapier to create an RSS feed using Zapier’s RSS system however Zapier deletes all RSS entries if an entry has not been made in more than 14 days and also items cannot be edited or deleted from their feed system.

I would love for RAGIC to directly implement an RSS feed system that will publish records as RSS feed items and allow additional functionality such as being able to set the RSS click location to any URL you choose (Specified within a field in the ragic record such as the record URL itself or another web page or hosted document) and also having the RSS feed be in sync with all current RAGIC records as they are added, edited and deleted from the table containing the feed.

This would help us integrate our new ERP system with ragic using the ERP’s RSS feed dashboards and make systems such as company announcements and general employee files (IRS W-4 and so on)

Does this mean that the user will map fields that he choses to each and every RSS feed fields?

I’m sure the more RSS fields we could map, the more useful it would be for people other than me. I imagine a menu where you have all of the map-able RSS fields and you assign ragic fields or IDs (Ex. 1000805) to each RSS field. For my own use, I only really need to be able to map the RSS title field and the click-through link field but any others like description/content, author, Etc Etc Etc I could see being helpful for others as well.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will put this on our product roadmap and will see if we can support more formats of API output like the current JSON format. RSS would be a good starting point, and we imaging that most formats will require a mapping mechanism like this.