One step to print a sheet and all his linked sheets

Is it possible easily print a sheet and all his linked sheets (present in the subtable)? 1 page per record?

Thank you in advance for everything that could orient me in the right direction


You may use the show references from existing sheets to insert linked entries as a subtable. Then, print it with printer-friendly or download as PDF. Please note that if you have too many subtable rows or fields in each record, it may be split to more than one page.

Hi Angie
I work in a printing companie where we use a production slip summarizing all the information related to a specific project, it include a subtables of all the visual to be produce.

But then we attach to that slip, a pages detailing the specific of every visual. One page per visual. Every page contains the full image, a title and a description.

So if we have 30 visual thats a 30 page long document + at least 1 page for the summarise. Now I know that a can print a batch of form when a go to list view, filtering the ones I need, click on the print friendly tool and check the “print all in form” option. But it’s just too many step for something that must be done intuitively by any of the personnel.

So @Angie what you are suggestion is that I have my summary page containing my subtable, followed by a page breack and then exact same subtable in a manner that the image size will always take 1 page? There’s the problem where the title and description will eat half the page by being displaying at the left of the picture rather then go below the picture. And then, I remember someting about the impossibility to have two same subtable on one form.

I was asking myself, is it possible to use a javascript button to make navigation step like:
-Copy reference ID
-open a new tab
-open an other sheet containing a list of printable reccords
-make a search base on reference ID
-activate printer friendly tool
-select "print forms"option

My main language is not english, so if sometime I make a weird formulation, it’s ok: it makes more sense in french :wink:

I appreciate your help


Can you allow the Ragic support staff access to your account so we can have a look at your current design? It’s a bit hard to understand what you’re saying without screenshots or examples. :slight_smile:

You can allow access by clicking the “Need Help” link on the upper-right side of your account and filling the form.