One database form for different languages

How can I use one single database form for different countries with different languages?
Currently, I am using duplicated forms, one is Chinese and the other one is English. Although, I can change the label languages for different forms, but the values in the field type such as selection can only set to one language. The way I am solving this issue is using Chinese+English for the field values. What if there is a third language need to add, this solution will become a little bit ridiculous.
Is there any better way to solve this issue?

You have a good point regarding selection values. Currently multiple versions is the way to go for a form to have different language versions, but for selection values it’s a bit more difficult since it’s the actual value stored in the database. I will discuss this with our development team to see if there’s some mapping that can be added to selection options.

Thanks Jeff~

Would using cascaded lists be useful here?

Thanks Alaina,
The problem can only be solved partially by using cascaded selection feature, once you need to run the summary report, the cascaded selection items will be considered different items although they are the same items with different languages.

That makes sense! Thank you.

Same question, and question about different languages for Tab names.