Numbers decimal and thousend symbol


In Belgium we use the following format for numbers: #.###,####
comma ->decimals

  1. However I see that when I set the format in the fields sometimes it uses the right format (comma for decimals) but on the same form some fields use “point” for decimals.
    The fields have the same format but do not follow this logic.

2)If I use the following formula: CEILING(F10,0,05) it only works if I replace the comma with a point:
CEILING(F10,0.05). I use comma for decimals so the result is a number with a point for decimal instead of a comma for decimals.

  1. I tried to put in the company settings the default number format #.###,#### but that gives strange results in the fields.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? You can see it on my form called “Opdrachten”

Thanks for your help. I like Ragic very much. Nice product.


Would you mind sending a ticket via “Need Help”, it’s on the upper-right corner of screen page and grant our access right to your database? So that we could have a closer look into your design.

Hi, I found the solution for working wih “,” as decimal seperator. If I choose in the advanced settings to not use the system default and add my own choices. It works.

The ceiling function I opened a ticket for that one.

Thanks for your help.

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