Need subtables to show up in Mail Merge from Listing Page

I am trying to do a mail merge from a Listing Page that has all my employees, but I cannot get my subtable called Insurance Plan to show up. Inside each contact I have the subtable Insurace Plan with drop downs that shows if an employee enrolled in a plan (yes or no), and in the next column you select the plan name (which we have 3 plans to choose from). I am able to get every field on the listing page to show up in a mail merge. But when I am on the listing page, this subtable Insurance Plan does not show up in my row of columns. When I try and change the design, it does not list this subtable as an available field. Anyone that can help with a possible solution I would greatly appreciate it!

Subtable in sheet is one-to-many relationship, the value in subtable can’t be export directly through mail merge for listing page since listing page shows one record in one roll.

You could try new sheet from subtable, add the needed fields from parents sheet on new sheet. And mail merge the listing page on new sheet.