Multiple File Attachments usability


Users are getting confused about working with multiple files uploads and thanks for allowing this.

When they upload many files they see that can del them by clicking the X next to the files as in:

But then log tickets saying they can’t delete a single file as it does not have an X as in:

We tell them all to use the backspace\del key but this takes a lot of support time, and we have to keep reminding them. It would be far more user-friendly if the X would also be displayed for single files.

Thanks a ton


Thanks for the feedbacks.
We are considering adding “x” to the file when hovering on it under entry editing mode or displaying the file with “x” icon under entry editing mode directly.

We will notify you once the adjustment is online.

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We have updated this feature today. You can test it out and see if it’s working as expected.

Thanks so much this works well.